Dating imposter syndrome is real and it sucks.

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At least it made for a good story

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How they’re linked and 5 ways to overcome them.

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dazy’s goal is to highlight the beautiful.

  1. Personal Stories, serious or humorous as long as they educate the reader. Your story should serve as an example of a point you are trying to prove.
  2. Listicles.

We can’t leave it completely up to the industry if we want to make a difference.

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(I did not use it for pranking my siblings as the original commercial suggests.)

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Join us in exploring titles from a broad range of genres and authors.

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What is dazy Book Club?

Basically, we’ll be…

Framing your mind and body into feeling excited to work out again

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Why do we trust the beauty counter worker turned skinfluencer?

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And how you should really be eating.

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Alma Girau

Shameless. Latinx. Embroidery artist and writer.

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